Sustainability Team: Environmental Engagement Intern

Job Title: Sustainability Team: Environmental Engagement Intern
Location: University of Cambridge, Virtually
Duration: 8 weeks long, to be undertaken between July, August and September
Pay/Volunteer: £8.91/hour
Deadline: 9am on Thursday 22 April
Description: This project aims to develop an updated and refreshed learning module through collaboration with other sustainability efforts across the University. The module will effectively communicate complex principles and ideas to a varied audience, including sustainability experts and those with no prior knowledge of sustainability. It will be developed in line with the Sustainability Team’s new Communications and Engagement Strategy, and will be the first large-scale resource produced using these new guidelines. The outcome of this project will be an engaging, accessible and user-friendly module that will publicise the work of the Sustainability Team and act support sustainable behaviour change. Learnings from this project may also inform how the Team and/or Cambridge Zero engage and support students,

Tasks will include engaging with members of the Sustainability Team to understand the content requirement for the induction module and target audiences, liaising with sustainability initiatives across the University, researching best practice for induction modules both within and outside the University, as well as developing and testing a refreshed sustainability induction module. The intern will be required to produce a high- quality report to go alongside the work undertaken over the 8-week period and to present their work to the Sustainability Team.

More information link: Internship opportunities with The Sustainability Team and Cambridge Zero | Sustainability