Cambridge Zero: Primary School Climate Education Intern

Job Title: Cambridge Zero: Primary School Climate Education Intern
Location: University of Cambridge, Virtually
Duration: 8 weeks long, to be undertaken between July, August and September
Pay/Volunteer: £8.91/hour
Deadline: 9am on Thursday 22 April
Description: This internship project will involve collaborating with the University of Cambridge Primary School to support curriculum development by creating a resource pack for primary school teachers/children on topics pertaining climate change which can then be distributed to other primary schools in the region/country. The intern will play a role in understanding what the current primary school curriculum offers and what can be done to improve it. This will involve a combination of research in best practice and outcomes in the teaching of climate change curriculum and if there are any gaps that need filling. The intern will then also develop a pack of teaching resources to support primary level climate education, working with experts from across the University, as appropriate.

More information link: Internship opportunities with The Sustainability Team and Cambridge Zero | Sustainability