Cambridge Zero: Future Careers Intern

Job Title: Cambridge Zero: Future Careers Intern
Location: University of Cambridge, Virtually
Duration: 8 weeks long, to be undertaken between July, August and September
Pay/Volunteer: £8.91/hour
Deadline: 9am on Thursday 22 April
Description: The global transition to net zero will require a substantial amount of work across society to make the systemic and infrastructural changes that are needed for a net zero compatible global society. This work is going to need a workforce that is skilled and able to take on this challenge. This project will explore the current and future careers available to young people who will be critical in achieving net zero. The project will focus on producing a small number of video interviews with figures, from across society, who are currently doing roles that are focussed on sustainability, climate change and the transition to net zero.

Activities will involve identifying and liaising with external interviewees to film interviews focussed on careers as well as working with internal and external stakeholders to develop a dissemination plan for the videos. Day to day tasks may involve meetings and consultations with staff, designing interview questions, video editing and production of materials to promote video content. The intern will be required to produce a high-quality report to go alongside the work undertaken over the 8-week period and present their work to the Cambridge Zero team.

More information link: Internship opportunities with The Sustainability Team and Cambridge Zero | Sustainability