Cambridge Zero: Climate Infographics Intern

Job Title: Cambridge Zero: Climate Infographics Intern
Location: University of Cambridge, Virtually
Duration: 8 weeks long, to be undertaken between July, August and September
Pay/Volunteer: £8.91/hour
Deadline: 9am on Thursday 22 April
Description: Effective research and science communication requires the use of targeted communication methods tailored to specific audiences, in order to present complex topics and ideas in formats that are understandable to people without prior knowledge of the field. Infographics can be a highly effective and approachable way of presenting research findings, allowing the reader to take in the key messages quickly and easily without needing to read large amounts of information. They can be particularly useful on social media platforms, where users only spend a very short amount of time on one particular message, and won’t necessarily click through to read a full article. The aim of this internship is to explore and develop creative ways of using infographics to present scientific results and findings from Cambridge Zero-related research projects on climate science and zero-carbon solutions, as well as information targeted at small businesses to help them reach their net-zero goals (in collaboration with the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership’s Accelerator & Sustainability Hub).

More information link: Internship opportunities with The Sustainability Team and Cambridge Zero | Sustainability