Research Fellowship in Biochemistry for Cosmetic Applications

Job Title: Research Fellowship in Biochemistry for Cosmetic Applications
Organization: Le Studium
Location: Chartres, France
Duration: 12 months
Pay/Volunteer: A personal salary. Rental costs of a fully furnished apartment for the candidate and her/his family. Utilities (water, heating, electricity, tax) have to be paid by the fellow.
Deadline: 09/06/2021
Description: The principles of ‘green chemistry’ are gaining traction in many sectors, including cosmetics, due to the need to reduce pollution from toxic chemicals, make industrial processes safer and more sustainable, and provide consumers with ‘clean-labeled products’. During the last decade, green technology is moving from an option to a must in modern industrial processing. Plants produce a rich and diverse array of natural products that have been extracted and used by humans for millennia. Solvents are the core of the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agrochemical, chemical, and biotechnological process technologies. The application of natural deep eutectic solvents (NaDES) – natural product-based green liquids became the most actively investigated as potential green solvents. NaDES are considered the promising alternative to conventional organic solvents, suitable for green extraction since they have high solvency, high flash points with low toxicity and low environmental impacts, easily biodegradable, obtained from renewable (non-petrochemical) resources at a reasonable price and easy to recycle without any deleterious effect to the environment.
More information link: Research Fellowship in Biochemistry for Cosmetic Applications | LE STUDIUM