PhD studentships in Sustainable Chemistry & Cleaner Processing

Job Title: PhD studentships in Sustainable Chemistry & Cleaner Processing
Organization: University of Nottingham
Location: Nottingham, UK
Duration: 4y
Pay/Volunteer: Fully funded studentship to commence in Oct 2021. UK students – tuition fees paid and full stipend, tax-free, for 48 months at the RCUK rate (currently £15,285 per annum)
Deadline: Saturday, 31st July 2021
Description: There are three fully-funded industrially-sponsored EPSRC CASE 4-year PhD studentships starting in October 2021. The projects are to work on problems in sustainable chemistry and cleaner processing.
Project 1 is a collaboration with a pharmaceutical company and involves an investigation of photo-catalysis and how to extend the lifetimes of the catalysts so are to increase the long term efficiency of the processes.
Project 2 involves a collaboration with an electrochemical company and is focussed on the optimisation of continuous electrosynthesis of organic compounds
Project 3 is based on a collaboration with a major multinational manufacturer of process analytical technology and involves the spectroscopic monitoring of continuous flow chemistry as a tool for optimising the chemical processes.
More information link: Job by Reference - The University of Nottingham