Two PhD Positions in Sustainable Phosphorus Chemistry

Job Title: Two PhD Positions in Sustainable Phosphorus Chemistry
Organization: University of Amsterdam
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Duration: 4y
Pay/Volunteer: €2,395 to €3,061 gross per month
Deadline: 31 August 2021
Description: Phosphorus is essential for life on Earth and plays a prominent role in modern science and technology, where organophosphorus compounds are of immense importance for their wide-ranging applications in material science, nanotechnology and life sciences. At present, however, the overall industrial processes to produce these phosphorus compounds are unsustainable, energy intensive, and inefficient.

To meet the growing demand for phosphorus derivatives, whilst complying with increasingly stringent environmental regulations and sustainability issues, this NWO VICI research programme will advance P(III)/P(V) redox cycling and modernise the use of phosphorus by developing novel one-electron processes that minimise unnecessary redox reactions.
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