Professorship in sustainable chemistry of renewable organic resources

Job Title: Professorship in sustainable chemistry of renewable organic resources
Organization: Leuphana University
Location: LÜNEBURG, Germany
Deadline: June 20, 2021
Description: You explore the field of sustainable chemistry with a genuinely renewable organic resource focus and international profile and a methodically and systematically broad expertise. You will expand and enrich the field of renewable organic resources as an important subfield of sustainable chemistry from a chemical and sustainability perspective, in particular the use of renewable organic resources in terms of consistency, sufficiency and efficiency. This includes superordinate aspects such as the oportunities and limitations of material recycling or the circular economy with regard to chemical products and sustainable chemistry, e.g. with regard to services and alternative business models. Chemistry-specific issues are important too, such as the development of green analytical methods and appropriatenew teaching formats and contents. In your research, you focus on national as well as international context e.g. countries of the global south, since thereare partly more and other renewable bioresources there, which will be nationally but also regionally important in the future.
More information link: Full Professor "Sustainable Chemistry of Renewable Organic Resources" (W2/W3) | Leuphana University Lüneburg