Postdoctoral Research Associate - Furafact Green Chemistry Project

Job Title: Postdoctoral Research Associate - Furafact Project
Organization: University of York
Location: York, UK
Duration: 7 months
Pay/Volunteer: £32,817 to £40,322 a year
Deadline: 24th June 2021
Description: onduct individual and collaborative research under the supervision of senior colleagues, working closely with other members of the Green Chemistry group and project partners.

Assist in the identification and development of potential areas of research and research proposals.
Write up research results and disseminate them through publications, seminar and conference presentations and outreach activities.
Provide guidance to other staff and students, as well as coordinating the work of small research teams.

Conducting research into green chemical technologies focussing on the synthesis of novel bio-based furan surfactants to gram scale.
Preparing samples and interpreting data using appropriate analytical techniques.
Interacting directly with the Furafact consortium, preparing research reports and overcoming research challenges
More information link: Postdoctoral Research Associate - Furafact Project at University of York