Research Fellow in Environmental Chemistry

Job Title: Research Fellow in Environmental Chemistry
Organization: University of Leeds
Location: Leeds, United Kingdom
Duration: Fixed Term (Until 30 January 2024)
Pay/Volunteer: £33,797 to £40,322 p.a.
Deadline: Thursday 27 May 2021
Description: Are you an ambitious researcher looking for your next challenge? Do you have an established background in environmental chemistry?
You will work with Dr Laura Carter, a UKRI Future Leaders Fellow, on the research project Contaminants of emerging concern in agricultural systems: a risk to soil-plant systems?, funded by UK Research and Innovation.
The use of sustainable agricultural practices such as treated wastewater irrigation and organic soil amendments are inadvertently introducing emerging contaminants to our agro-ecosystems. It is therefore essential that we can quantify the risks associated with introducing bioactive chemicals into soil-plant systems, given that these practices are set to increase in response to depleting freshwater supplies and a drive to move away from chemical-based fertilisers.
This project will explore the fate of emerging contaminants in agro-ecosystems. Through a combination of laboratory and field scale investigations at the University of Leeds Farm, outcomes of this work will offer a paradigm shift in how we consider the risks of emerging contaminants in the environment by combining expertise in the fields of agriculture, soil, and plant health. The proposed mechanistic driven evaluation of a subset of emerging contaminants, pharmaceuticals, will allow us to understand potential impacts on crop productivity and our ability to meet growing food demands.
More information link: ENVGE1145 Research Fellow in Environmental Chemistry - Jobs at the University of Leeds