February Green Talk: Charlotte Houghton on Sustainable Laboratories at University of Oxford

Good Day! Good News!

The February Green Talk Series is open for registration!

This month we take a look inside the sustainable labs at the University of Oxford with Charlotte Houghton. Join us!

Date: February 28th 9am PT/LA time, Noon ET, 6pm CET, 5pm UK time

Speaker: Charlotte Houghton
Title: Sustainable Laboratories at University of Oxford
Location: Online talk

Bio: Charlotte Houghton is the Sustainability Project Manager for Laboratory Optimisation at Oxford University. As well as overseeing and managing the LEAF (Laboratory Efficient Assessment Framework) award process, she manages laboratory equipment upgrade projects, and works on any new laboratory builds and retrofits to ensure the labs are built with sustainability in mind. She previously worked in the chemical industry for 7 years so has plenty of practical laboratory experience meaning a strong understanding of lab challenges and nuances that need to be considered.

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Happening in 1 hour!!!

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