Sustainable Laboratories Webinar

Organised by: EAUC
Date/Time: 2022-10-12T10:00:00Z2022-10-12T11:00:00Z

Location: Online
Description: Science facilities are extremely energy and resource intensive, and can represent a challenge to address in terms of sustainability.

A variety of sustainable science programmes and initiatives have spread across the UK in recent years, and the EAUC is excited to bring some of those driving these efforts to share good practice and learnings.

At this event, we’ll hear from a variety of experts on how they’ve grown their programmes. The workshop will include:

  • Martin Farley, UCL@MartinFarley will provide a short introduction to LEAF, and outline the variety in how different institutions have implemented the programme. He’ll include top tips to engraining a sustainable labs programme in your institution. He’ll also introduce the new versions of LEAF under development.
  • Elena Dimitrova, Environmental Sustainability Officer, Medical Research Council (MRC) - @Elena_D will provide an update on the efforts to address the sustainability of MRC facility operations. She’ll also give an update from NERC’s Jo Allatt on the UKRI concordat on sustainability for research operations.
  • Talia Caplan, Data for Science & Health team at Wellcome Trust - Talia is leading a project to help Wellcome address the environmental impact of the research it funds. She’ll speak on the live landscaping exercise Wellcome has commissioned to find tools and methods to make scientific research more sustainable. She’ll also discuss existing Wellcome policies relating to environmental sustainability
    Link: Sustainable Laboratories Webinar | EAUC
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