Dr. Fanny Yuen's talk at jGBM this Wednesday!

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Don’t miss Dr. Fanny Yuen’s talk at jGBM this Wednesday!

Date/Time: Wednesday Feb 8th @ 19:00 CET= 10am PT = 1pm ET = 6pm UK time

Location: Online
Description: Science is the key to tackling climate change, but what about the environmental impact of scientific research itself? Scientists all over the world are taking a stand and coming together to push for more sustainable practices in research labs. From reducing plastic waste to cutting down on energy consumption, these sustainable actions not only benefit the environment but also make sense for the business bottom line. But it’s not easy. Changing the way science is done requires re-examining traditional practices and questioning our assumptions. Join us as we explore the challenges and solutions of creating a more sustainable future for scientific research and why you should join the Green Lab movement.
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