The EAT-Lancet Commission: Searching synergies between people, planet and health

Organised by: Climate@MaxPerutzLabs
Date/Time: 2022-04-26T12:00:00Z2022-04-26T13:00:00Z

Location: Zoom
Description: For the last talk in the series we want to focus on the impact of food production on our environment and how we can change our eating culture to reduce our footprint and increase our health. Fabrice DeClerck is currently the Director of Science of EAT ( and will tell us about the impact of food production on the environment and about his data driven projects to catalyse change.

EAT is a global, non-profit startup dedicated to transforming our global food system through sound science, impatient disruption and novel partnerships. Fabrice is an engaging speaker and studied agricultural and environmental sciences focusing on sustainable development in Latin America, Africa, and South East Asia. His collaborations with the health and nutrition community date back to 2004 focusing on dietary and environmental health in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. He always took the scientific approach and has a long publication record with more than 110 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters on integrated approaches to conservation, food production and environmental health, including several published in Science and Nature . Recently he has been working on combining reducing the footprint of food production and simultaneously increasing human health. Join us next week for and participate in the discussion.
VBC-ClimateLecture 26-04-2022