Research position in additive manufacturing of smart materials

Organization: University of Twente
Location: Enschede, Netherlands
Duration: 1 year, with the possibility of extension
Pay/Volunteer: € 2.846,- to € 4.474
Deadline: 2022-06-22
Description: Currently, many novel innovative materials and manufacturing methods are developed in order to help businesses for improving their performance, develop new products, and also implement more sustainability into their current processes. For this purpose, additive manufacturing (AM) technology has been very successful in the fabrication of complex shape products using novel high-performance, and functional materials with more sustainable aspects.

We are seeking a Researcher who will support the research staff for further development in the 3D printing of smart materials. The applicant requires a background in AM techniques and material characterization processes. The researcher will collaborate closely with experts from different disciplines in both industry and academia, and also contribute to proposal writing, and project management during this period. This would be a great opportunity to strengthen your professional skills and expand your network in this field.
More information link: Research position in additive manufacturing of smart materials - Looking for a job that matters?