MGL Business Development Manager

Job Title: MGL Business Development Manager
Location: Remote
Pay/Volunteer: Paid
Deadline: April 2, 2021
Description: The Business Development Manager willbe part of the international revenue generation and brand building team with a focus on US based labs, manufacturers and partners.Working with the CEO, they willgrow the organization’s revenue anddrivesales of our flagship programs:Green Lab Certificationand the ACT Label.In addition, they will cultivate new sponsor relationships. The Business DevelopmentManager must be an entrepreneurialself-starterwho has demonstrated experience delivering onbusiness development and revenue targets in a high-growth environment. MGLtakes a data-driven approach to our mission, so the Business Development Manager must understand how to leverage technology platforms to track their work and quantifytheir performance relative tothe organization’sgoals and KPIs. Working with our technical program and auditing team,the successful candidatewill be able to find and recruit new customers and close deals while ensuring a seamlessand positivecustomer experience
More information link: Employment Opportunities - My Green Lab