Happy New Year to all our Green Labbers!

2021 was a big year for Green Your Lab. First and foremost, we need to thank all of our volunteers and everyone in our community (that’s you!) for making it so super awesome. We love how we’re rallying together to make Science more Sustainable.

Here are some of our favourite 2021 memories:

We partnered with a variety of organizations, including University of Rochester, University of Colorado, University of Delaware, University of California, Irvine, Chowan University, University of Exeter, UBC, 500 Women Scientists, NESSE, and ACS Green Chem, to host dozens of Sustainable Lab webinars on a variety of topics from “Reducing your Carbon Footprint for Scientists”, to “Setting up your New Lab” to “10 sustainable things that every lab can start doing right now”.

We were featured in a number of media outlets, such as S&P Global, Earth.org, Little DaVincis, and Pharma Technology Focus, and participated in the UK’s Great Big Green Week to share what we do with the wider public.

We hosted a variety of Happy hours and Clubhouse sessions to allow our members to meet and share advice.

And of course, we started our new networking platform and our Green Lab best practices database.

We’ve got lots more planned for 2022. We can’t wait to make 2022 the Greenest year yet!