Green Office Project Manager

Organization: Leiden University
Location: Online for the first half year. The face-to-face meetings will take place alternating in Leiden and The Hague.
Duration: 2-4 hours/week, including a weekly meeting (1h), All positions will be hired for 1 year
Pay/Volunteer: Volunteer, 100€ per semester.
Deadline: 30th of August 2021 (19:00)
Description: Are you passionate about sustainability? Do you see opportunities to make Leiden University more sustainable? Are you able to inspire, engage and empower students and staff to cooperate? This is your chance to contribute!

The Project Manager has to think about how to realize the ideas we have for upcoming events. Should we present the next topic with a talk, with a Q&A, or should we prepare a quiz or some sort of competition? Which speaker will be most suitable for what event? How can we engage participants the best? You will also help to set up the location for the event, making sure that everything is prepared and running smoothly once speakers and guests have arrived.

More information link: Committee Positions - Leiden University