Green Health Wales support

Organization: Green Health Wales
Location: Wales, UK
Duration: Oct 2022-March 2023
Deadline: 09/10/2022

To provide leadership to the Green Health Wales network to allow the community to grown and support the development of other sustainable healthcare leaders, involving health board sustainable healthcase fellows/scholars within the network.

Building a movement through coordination of existing and potential Green Groups using online resources, virtual meetings, and peer-to-peer networking.

To facilitate involvement of health workers in shaping the future direction and governance and organisatioal structure of the Green Health Wales network.

Building core knowledge and capacity to deliver training, supervision, and change management.

Working in close partnership with the health & climate emergency team in Welsh Government to accelerate decarbonisation of the health service, and integrating climate resilience into our approach to healthcare decarbonisation.

Facilitate involvement of Green Groups and Green Networks in co-ordinated themes for projects such as Bevan Commission's 'Let's Not Waste'.

Support the delivery of the Green Health Wales year one action plan, with support from members of Green Health Wales steering group.

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