Climate Smart Healthcare Leadership Fellow

Organization: Betsi Cadwaladr University Local Health Board
Description: If the global health care sector were a country it would be the fifth biggest climate polluter. The carbon footprint of NHS Wales is greater than one million tonnes of C02. NHS Wales has a decarbonisation strategic delivery plan, and Welsh Government approach includes health care.

This must be central as drugs and pharmaceuticals make up 23% of the total carbon footprint and medical equipment and supplies 11%. Decarbonising health care is often seen as an estate and facilities issue but it is fundamentally an approach to health care delivery. The fellow can work with the established Green Group in Ysbyty Gwynedd, sustainability co-ordinator role(s) and work to help achieve the BCUHB 5 year plan for decarbonising health care by focusing on a specific project(s).

They achieve this by delivering wider climate smart health education to staff and patients in addition to the specific actions within their chosen project. The other pillars of climate smart health care include resilience and leadership.

BCUHB has demonstrated leadership in terms of adopting a new value “protect our children’s future” but a relatively unexplored area is developing climate resilience e.g. ensuring staff are aware of climate risks, flood risk assessments and heat plans. Plans to decarbonise must integrate with how we respond to the climate risks of the climate emergency.
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