Doctoral studentship in coastal and marine sustainability studies, focusing on the Baltic Sea

Organization: Södertörn University
Location: south Stockholm
Duration: four years of full-time
Deadline: June 30, 2022
Description: This doctoral position is funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and is part of the LAND-PATHS research programme: “The landscapes of the future: barriers and drivers for transformation paths”. LAND-PATHS aims to develop new strategies for governance and management that strengthen the landscape’s biodiversity and promote its multifunctionality. The programme involves collaboration between several Swedish universities, coordinated by Uppsala University, where barriers and opportunities to sustainable change are examined and transformative governance pathways are explored across key landscape types (i.e. forest, agricultural, sea and coast, urban and mountain landscapes). For more information on the programme, please click here.

The focus of this Södertörn University-based doctoral position is on coastal/marine landscapes in the Baltic Sea with the aim of understanding how marine/coastal governance can be advanced to support biodiversity and multi-dimensional sustainability (i.e., inclusive of questions/issues of social justice, environmental conservation and economic opportunities). Specifically, the doctoral student will study coastal biosphere reserves (e.g. in the Blekinge, Stockholm and Åbo archipelagos) and marine spatial planning (MSP) as places/processes with the potential to support learning and action for sustainable and fair/just human-nature relations. We envisage that research methods will include interviews, focus groups and document analysis, as well as participatory and action-oriented methods, including envisioning, scenario mapping and transformative pathways (i.e. examining how change is expected to come about).
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