Apply for an Unrestricted $10K Green Catalyst Grant!

Spark Innovation for Climate Action: Apply for a $10K Acceleration Fund Catalyst Grant!

We are thrilled to share that Second Nature’s 2023 Acceleration Fund will be awarding $10,000 Catalyst Grants to ten campuses in 2023. Applications are now open and will be accepted through August 14th. Click here to apply.

These grants are intended to be the “spark” that jumpstarts a nascent climate action idea or provides a needed boost to build capacity on existing projects.

Catalyst Grants are:

  • intended to support campus and/or community projects focusing on advancing decarbonization, climate resilience, or climate justice
  • unrestricted, able to be used for materials, staffing, or capacity building
  • intentionally designed to have a low barrier to access, with a simple application and a simple grant reporting process
  • open to members of the Climate Leadership Network (CLN) or University Climate Change Coalition (UC3)

Apply for a Catalyst Grant

At least one $10,000 Catalyst Grant will be awarded to an HBCU or Tribal Institution, and another will be awarded to a Community College. Preference will be given to schools that have traditionally been underfunded or those with more modest endowments. Winners will be contacted in September.