Sponsoring MolBio Symposium Universität Heidelberg

The MolBio Symposium is coming up and they’re looking for sponsorship. If you are looking to recruit or have funding available, please do get in touch.

Also, if you know of any grants that might help them out, that would be fantastic.

Every year, students of the Master’s programme Molecular Biosciences organise a 3-day MolBio Symposium for about 100 interested students of the University of Heidelberg. This year, from 29.09.2022 to 01.10.2022 , keynote lectures and workshops, given by scientists from all over the world, will cover the topic “Sustainability in Science” .

Sustainability will not only be discussed in the context of Life Sciences, but the research and development of sustainable technologies as well as the improvement of sustainability in research will be covered. On the following website you can get an impression of last year’s Symposium 2021: MolBio Students’ Symposium “Science Outside the Box”.

As part of the Molecular Biosciences Master’s, all students perform internships to gain experiences in academia as well as industry. To offer students a large variety of lectures and workshops, we are dependent on your financial support. A large part of our budget is used for reimbursement of the speakers’ travelling and accommodation expenses, who otherwise do not get any additional compensation. Please find attached our detailed financial concept and content of the Symposium.

We would appreciate your positive response and support! Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of further questions. We will gladly introduce our concept to you in detail personally or in an online conference.

Kind regards,

Annika Jeschke
Funding Resort
MolBio Symposium 2022

Finanzierungskonzept MolBio 2022.pdf (257.3 KB)