Q&A Session with Dr. John Warner

On June 22nd, we have invited Dr. John Warner, the Father of Green Chemistry, for an intimate Q&A session about the current status and the future challenges of Green Chemistry. Bring your questions to this very rare opportunity to hear his perspective.

Dr. John Warner is the Father of Green Chemistry and a distinguished research fellow at Zymergen, where he is helping to design and create commercial technologies inspired by nature consistent with the principles of Green Chemistry. Currently, he serves as Director of Science and Innovation at Beyond Benign - the non-profit organization he co-founded - dedicated to sustainable activities and Green Chemistry education.

The event will be held in English via Zoom, and we’ll provide support to non-English-speaking registrants. Learn more about Green Chemistry with us! We’re waiting for you!

Registration form: https://forms.gle/7AtWcxPDJyA22k2s9

Dr. John Warner’s special message to our Green Your Lab members!


Thanks for joining us!