PhD student in Materials Chemistry

Organization: Stockholm University
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Duration: 3y
Pay/Volunteer: Paid
Deadline: Available jobs - Stockholm University
Description: Project title: Lignin-based advanced materials for agricultural applications.
Project manager (PI): Assist. Professor Mika Sipponen (main supervisor), Professor Niklas Hedin (co-supervisor).
The position will be linked to a project financed by Formas, Sweden’s government research council for sustainable development. The project seeks development of sustainable lignin-based materials for advanced agricultural applications such as controlled release of agricultural chemicals, and films and coatings for plant protection. These sustainable-by-design materials respond to the need of increasing agricultural productivity without harmful environmental impacts.
The research group Sustainable Materials Chemistry (SUSMATCHEM) led by Assistant Professor Mika Sipponen ( ) develops functional materials based on lignin and other renewable building blocks in order to contribute to sustainable industry and society. We also conduct basic studies on formation and structure, as well as the chemical and physical functions of renewable nanomaterials, hybrid materials and composites in their target applications.
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