PhD position in Paleoclimate Research in Switzerland

Organization: University of Basel
Location: Switzerland
Duration: 4-year PhD position
Pay/Volunteer: The salary will be within the frame of the SNF guidelines (
Deadline: July 1st, 2022
Description: The characterizations of variations in the hydrological cycle on a regional scale is an important task in paleoclimate research. Water isotopes in speleothem fluid inclusion are a powerful proxy for investigating the past water cycle as they provide direct information on past precipitation water. The PhD candidate will investigate and apply the speleothem fluid inclusion water isotope paleo-thermometry to diverse samples coming from several caves from Switzerland and neighbouring countries in order to provide quantitative temperature estimates. The project involves stable isotope analyses (hydrogen, oxygen and carbon) of speleothem calcite and fluid inclusion water that will be performed in the stable isotope laboratory of the Quaternary Geology group. Your main task will be to develop a water isotope and paleotemperature record covering several (glacial)-interglacial intervals for central-western Europe using our available analytical line for fluid inclusion analyses. A focus will be set on paleotemperature reconstructions over the last 15,000 years. Furthermore, the candidate will have the opportunity to join fieldtrips to Swiss caves.
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