Intro to CRANE's Custom Technologies module

Event: Intro to CRANE’s Custom Technologies module
Date/Time: 2021-05-25T18:00:00Z2021-05-25T19:00:00Z

Location: Online
Description: CRANE (Carbon Reduction Assessment for New Enterprises) is an open access, web-based application that allows users to evaluate the GHG reduction potential of emerging technologies. The software greatly reduces the time and resources required for investors, entrepreneurs, government agencies, incubators, and philanthropies to perform forward-facing, rigorous and transparent climate impact assessments. Every analysis culminates in a summary report that provides key results, detailed assumptions, references, and calculations. Each analysis can be downloaded and shared among multiple stakeholders for further review and improvement.

We went to this one. Crane is a free(mium) resource to help predict the carbon footprint of a new technology.