Galway City reusable coffee cup campaign

Organization: Galway City
Location: Galway, Ireland
Duration: 22/06/2022 - 30/11/2022
Pay/Volunteer: Volunteer
Deadline: 30/11/2022
Description: Are you sick of all the coffee cup waste that we are seeing all over the City?

Galway City Council are launching a major new environmental campaign to dramatically reduce single use coffee cups in Galway City- Use your Mug! 200 Million coffee cups are thrown away each year in Ireland which leads to huge environmental consequences.

Volunteers will stand beside a giant coffee cup on a trailer with discarded coffee cups on a fishing net and engage the public on the issue of coffee cup waste and environmental sustainability.

This will be in various locations around the City over the next few months including Shop Street, Quay Street and the Salthill Promenade.

Volunteers will get full training prior to the role.
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