Future Labs Live

Event: Future Labs Live
Date/Time: 2021-06-21T08:00:00Z2021-06-22T14:00:00Z

Location: Online
Description: Labs, be they focused on research and development or on the creation of products and services, are the backbone of industry. The former turn money into knowledge while the latter turn knowledge back into money. Despite this, the potential of labs remains underutilised.

Technological, organisational, and cultural change remains a challenge across multiple industries. Transforming the lab and those who use it must happen now!

Don’t miss Kerstin Hermuth-Kleinschmidt @NIUB who is speaking at the last session on June 21st.

Link: DIGITAL. AUTOMATED. CONNECTED. | Future Labs Live 2021 | 21 - 22 June 2021

Was early, but we attended @NIUB’s keynote session this morning. It was excellent and very educational. Way to go Kerstin!

Thank you so much for joining - and for your effort to get up early (at what time?)

Best, Kerstin


For Fanny, it was at 6:45am.
But it was worth it!

For Fanny, it was at 6:45am.
But it was worth it!

We also met @cmtmd there.