**ExeterU Only**: Creating and Capturing Value from Circular Economy -NICER Programme Seminar

Organised by: NICER Programme Seminar**
Date/Time: 2021-10-19T13:00:00Z2021-10-19T15:30:00Z

Location: Online
Description: A key objective of the NICER Programme is to accelerate understanding and solutions to enable the circularity of specific resource flows and upscale circular economy implementation within different sector contexts. Creating and capturing value via processes such as remanufacturing, refurbishment, repair and reuse are key enablers to optimise the value retained in products and materials through the extension of their useful life and form an essential aspect of meeting the challenges in transitioning to a circular economy.

In this event we will discuss approaches to value creation across the resource flows associated with the NICER Programme as well as demonstrating the opportunity for value creation at organisational, national and international levels. Speakers from Oakdene Hollins, Innovate UK and the Knowledge Transfer Network will share initial findings from the recently funded UK Value Retention Study in which the opportunity for Value Retention will be discussed from national and international perspectives. The event will also include speakers from multi-national organisations and smaller business highlighting opportunities and barriers to circular value creation across sectors. The event will provide the chance for participants to discuss value creation in relation to a number of different resource flows and sectors including the opportunity to inform future research and funding opportunities.
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