Environmental sustainability projects in the School of Biological Sciences: a welcome addition to our portfolio of final year projects

Organised by: The University of Manchester
Date/Time: 2024-01-25T15:00:00Z2024-01-25T16:00:00Z

Location: Zoom
Description: Dr Maggy Fostier | ‘Environmental sustainability projects in the School of Biological Sciences: a welcome addition to our portfolio of final year projects

All our Biological Sciences undergraduate students undertake a research project in their final year (‘Capstone Project’). Most students are placed in research laboratories, but many diversify into the fields of science communication, bioinformatics, business enterprise or history of science. Three years ago, we added environmental sustainability project to our portfolio. Projects included validating alternatives to toxic products in laboratories; increasing recycling compliance; campaigning; and plastic reduction strategies. These projects gave students the opportunity to develop skills necessary to address environmental issues around research, laboratory teaching, or campus living that will be beneficial for the future.

This presentation will review how we run these projects and their benefits.

Dr Richard Kirkam | ‘Embedding sustainability into project delivery capabilities in government’

The Government Major Projects Portfolio (GMPP) accounts for 244 projects with a total whole life cost of £805bn and £758bn of monetised benefits (2022-23); many of these projects form a key part of the government’s commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050 and meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our project seeks to inform the work of the Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) on the government capabilities necessary to achieve these goals and we have identified the following research question to support that work: What are the challenges, and opportunities, in upskilling project delivery professionals to focus on embedding sustainability into long term projects and programmes?

The team completed a rapid evidence review in respect to the skills required for sustainable project management, and delivery. A single case study on government project delivery professionals’ skills for embedding sustainability into long term projects, and programmes, gathered qualitative data through interviews with experienced project delivery professionals who are active in the ESRC funded ‘Project X’ network. Dissemination of findings will be via a policy and practice focused report for the IPA.
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